A Detailed Examination Of Uncomplicated Continence Solutions

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New Research Debunks Alzheimer's Stereotypes Dr. Peter Rabins, a psychiatrist and co-author of The 36-Hour Day, a guide for Alzheimer patients families, summarized research findings this way: Overall, about one-quarter of people with dementia report a negative quality of life, although that number is higher in people with severe disease. Ive learned something from this, admitted Rabins, a professor at the University of Maryland. Im among the people who would have thought, If anything happens to my memory, my ability to think, I cant imagine anything worse. But Ive seen that you can be a wonderful grandparent and not remember the name of the grandchild weblink you adore. You can be with people you love and enjoy them, even if youre not following the whole conversation. The implication: Promoting well-being is both possible and desirable in people with dementia, even as people struggle with memory loss, slower cognitive processing, distractibility and other symptoms. There are many things that caregivers, families and friends can do right now to improve peoples lives, said Dr. Allen Power, author of Dementia Beyond Disease: Enhancing Well-Being and chair for aging and dementia innovation at the Schlegel-University of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging in Canada. Of course, the final stages of Alzheimers disease and other types of dementia are enormously difficult, and resources to help caregivers are scarce problems that shouldnt be underestimated. Still, up to 80 percent of people with dementia are in the mild and moderate stages. Here are some elements of their quality of life that should be attended to: Focus On Health One notable study analyzed lengthy discussions between people with dementia, caregivers and professionals at six meetings of Alzheimers Disease International , an association of Alzheimers societies across the world. Those discussions emphasized the importance of physical health: being free from pain, well-fed, physically active and well-groomed, having continence needs met, being equipped with glasses and hearing aids and not being overmedicated.

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